-played basketball with my husband for about an hour

-did one round of suicides on the basketball court

-HIIT . each exercise 30 seconds. 10 second break in between. 3 rounds.

squats; jumping jacks; push ups; mountain climbers; triceps dips


-plain oatmeal









-chicken breast

already have brown rice and veggies.



this is what my body currently looks like. Weighing in at 147.4lb with a goal weight of 125.0lb.

I can’t wait to see what clean eating and exercise will do after just 7 days. i know it will be a difference, i have been down this road before. hopefully this will be the last time i have to start over.

i think i am going to take measurements tomorrow, and of course i will post the numbers.


I admit that I fell off the wagon once I lost the weight. istopped exercising as frequently and I slowly began to start eating whatever I wanted again. I have gained some weight back. and lost my motivation. but today I am starting over. 

later I will post my new starting weight. and goal weight. I will post pictures. 

later I am going grocery shopping for the week. and I am going to the gym later. I will post about everything. 

once I stopped updating my blog is when I realized that i started to fall off the wagon. this blog helped me to stay on the right track while it helped others to get on the right track. 

i will try 100% to stay dedicated to this blog. to my diet. and to my exercise. 


until later. 


-4 miles on the treadmill (49 min) (ran 3 miles .. walked 1 mile)

– 3 x 1 min wall sits

-3 x 10 squats w/18lb bar

– 3 x 10 walking lunges w/10lb dumbbells in each hand



-ran 1.5mi

-did random things in the gym w.a friend for about 30 min

Thursday (today)

-went for a 3 miles run on the road near my house (ran it all w/out stopping) whooo.


ADD ME on Nike+running : Tatiyana Branco

[I pre-wrote this while I was at work this morning].

I have been gone for wayyyy too long. But now I am back. I am finally done
working mid shifts for the next 4 months. WHOOOO. But anyways. I need to
update you all.

I am down 19lb. Now weighing in at 137lb (with a starting weight of
156.6lb). I am proud of myself. And being that I am kind of okay with where
I am, I started to give myself a lot (and I mean a lot) of cheat days. And
I was not going to the gym as often, so I just went on runs whenever I
wasn’t exhausted. 

But now, I am about to get back on the ball, hard core. I am ready to shed
this last 11lb (maybe more, but 30lb was my original goal) and to get a flat
tummy (cuz idont feel like my tummy has really made any improvements).

Now that I am back on day shift (oh normal life how ive missed you), it’s back
to the gym/running 6 days a week, meal preps and NO CHEATS. I will not give
myself another cheat meal for the next 30 days!. I will not take any
progress pics for the next 60 days (maybe 30, IF ifeel like ihave made some

Im excited to start hitting the weights and ab exercises
again. I feel like my biceps are trying to deflate on me. Lol. but no
worries, I am about to get back into it.

Yesterday, me and my husband went running on a really long road near my
house. That was our first time on that street (well we drive it everyday,
but it seemed about 10x longer on foot). I think altogether we may have did
about 3 miles. At the very least it was two miles, but I think it was a little more.

Today, I get off work at 4pm, then I have class from 5.30pm-8pm. And I go
back to work tomorrow morning at 8AM. But I am going to try my hardest to
make it to the gym after class (or at least to the track). 

I actually think with all the beer, liquor, pizza and grits I consumed this
weekend that I like gained back 5lb (142lb) .. (which really makes my heart
sink) but hopefully after a few good poops and runs, thatll be back at 137lb
(or less!!). It’s crazy how much a diet really contributes to your weight.
Most people think its all about the exercise, but I think it’s more of a
diet thing.

Oh, and I got my belly button pierced for a second time. I was starting to
feel real confident in my new body. =)


When I get dressed to go out now, I always dress so cute, because I just feel super comfortable. And I have not
felt this way in a longggg time. I get soooo many compliments on how great I
look, and im loving it. I cannot wait until I reach my goal weight and my
stomach is actually flat and I do not need to suck it in one bit.


Oh, and I think I need to start recording my food again. I have noticed that
since I stopped, I haven’t really known what I should post about =( and it
really held me responsible for what I was putting into my body, because I
knew that I would be sharing with you all, so I had to stay on my best
behavior. What do you all think? Should I record my food for the day? Or do
you have any suggestions on what my posts should be about? Because I really
want to post daily .. I just don’t know what it should be about.


Now this is real time…

so I am exhausted. I had a headache throughout my entire class. I came straight home to eat and now I am about to get some sleep. I’m still getting used to a day schedule . lol. I have my gym clothes in the car tho, so I will be at the gym tomorrow after work. and hopefully it will stop raining by then so I can run outside (i much rather to run outside than on the treadmill).

sorry about that, ive been with my mommy in atlanta ! whoo . 

this weekend has been full of unhealthy foods and NO exercise.

on the way down on friday morning ihad an egg white with turkey sausage on flat bread sandwich from dunkin donuts.

saturday during my moms fight party ihad 2 brats, a spaghetti salad, a huge plate of lays chips with french onion dip, 9 shots and 2 limaritas.

and today ihad 3 brats, and 2 burritos (pinto beans and cheeeeeese on flour tortillas).

this was my first real cheat ! and let me tell you, it wasnt too bad on my soul. ididnt feel any remorse and istill dont. ihad a wonderful weekend with absolutely wonderful people. when iget back home to SC tomorrow, iwill of course get back on the ball.

while iwas home, everyoneeee told me how great looked and how small ihad gotten. they were sooo shocked and they were in love with the new me. it felt great. my aunty is said iwas sexy!. =)

igot my nails done, got a pedicure and got my hair done. so iknow my husband will be happy when iwalk through the door tomorrow !.

ifeel great. and icant wait to get back in the gym this week.

oh and p.s. my mom has a treadmill right upstairs. lol. ieven packed my sneakers and workout clothes. haaa. idecided to chill all weekend instead. and if you ask me, that is A-OK !.

yesterday I did chest, shoulder, tri’s.

oh, and a little bit of ab work.

then, 2 miles at the track. 

(i will edit this and post my exact workout as soon as time permits).

-cardio (3 miles)

  • ran 1.5 mi
  • walked .25 mi
  • ran .25 mi
  • walked on various inclines up to 15 for .50mi (without holding on! ouch)
  • walked at 1 incline for .10
  • ran .50 mi
  • walked .10mi


  • 4×25 leg lifts
  • 4×25 toe touches
  • 4×25 russian twists w/ 6lb medicine ball
  • 4×25 reverse crunches
  • 4x1min planks


  • 4×12 deep squats w/18lb bar 
  • 4x1min wall sits
  • 4×12 walking lunges w/ 10lb dumbbells in each hand

so itried it. and to my surprise, ifell in love.

with the carrots, eh not the best in the world. but iknow how healthy carrots are for you, so in order for me to eat them iwill now dip em in a little hummus. 

but, with the celery !. my gawd. it was soooo delish. 

next week ithink im going to try raw broccoli and bell pepper slices. =)

oh and the spicy chipotle flavor ? very good. and very spicy, which ilike.

what flavors/brands of hummus do you recommend? (comment below)







day 1 vs. day 60



day 1 vs. day 60



day 1. day 30. day 60.



day 1. day 30. day 60.

overall, im down 16lb in 60 days. that im happy about.

what im sad about is that im not seeing any significant changes to my tummy. it’s still so big !. iknow its only been 2 months. but geesh. but still, I’m seeing SOME changes. iwont stop. iwill keep going. and iwill post more progress pics in 30 days.

  • 3×12 (5lb dumbbells) lateral raises bent over at the hip with feet shoulder width apart
  • 3×12 (5lb dumbbells) “cable pull downs” but with dumbbells
  • 3×20 push ups
  • 4×8 .. 1×4 bicep curls with the bar (45lb) [ibroke up my sets like that so icould still get the same amount of total reps in] (ithink iwill be ready to add some weight soon!!!!)
  • 2×25 leg raises
  • 2×25 toe touches
  • 2×25 russian twists w/ 6lb medicine ball
  • 2×25 reverse crunches
  • 2 x 1 min planks 
  • 10 min on stairstepper
  • 10 min on elliptical

after workout meal .

  • 1 fried egg
  • 1 pink lady apple cut into slices and dipped into natural peanut butter



then idid a light meal prep for my week ahead (that starts tonight)



carrots and celery for hummus

strawberry yoplait yogurt w/granola

green grapes

roasted broccoli and cauliflower with grilled chicken (for my wraps)

ialso sectioned some salsa and reduced fat/2% milk cheese . and ihave my wrap in a ziploc baggy ready to go.

ialso bring a granola bar or two with me every night too. just in case im more hungry than expected. =)